37 Miracles of Jesus That He Performed Plus! Free Printable

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The Bible teaches us everything from the beginning of creation to the end of the world. Jesus existed from the beginning of time and is in every detail through the end.

We see many miracles in the Bible. These miracles have always amazed me so I decided to focus on studying the miracles of Jesus. Specifically, the miracles Jesus performed. It took me a few months to achieve this but what a blessing it has been.

Focusing on these miracles has helped me tremendously in my faith. Studying the Bible has helped me realize that every miracle Jesus performed has a special meaning that I can apply to my life.

My goal in this article is to share that special blessing with you. We should all make an effort to study the Bible and strive to be more like Him every day. He is the miracle worker and the only One who can save our souls.

This is a long article. Please do not get discouraged by the length. I’ve broken it down by each miracle performed by Jesus in the order of when it was performed.

I figured that may help a bit so it isn’t overwhelming. You may want to view the table of contents below to bring you directly to what you are looking for.

This article covers all the miracles Jesus performed, an explanation of each miracle, and a takeaway for you to apply to your life. I also created a miracle of Jesus free printable so you can download it and study these miracles on your own. I’m praying that this article is a blessing to you.

How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform?

There are many miracles in the Bible and Jesus performed 37 of those miracles. The miracles that Jesus performed are apart from the other miracles in the Bible. These miracles do not include miracles that were performed on and around Jesus.

The miracles Jesus performed include deliverance from possession, miracles with food, raising people from the dead, healings from blindness, deformities, deafness, leprosy, and more!

Miracles of Jesus

Jesus Miracles in Order

This Jesus miracle list is in chronological order. If you move further down the page, you will find an explanation of each miracle Jesus performed, a Bible reference, and a takeaway.

  1. Jesus Turns Water Into Wine at Wedding
  2. Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
  3. Jesus Drives an Evil Spirit from a Man
  4. Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law’s Fever
  5. Jesus Heals the Sick and Oppressed
  6. First Miracle of Catching Fish
  7. Jesus Cleanses Man with Leprosy
  8. Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant
  9. Jesus Heals a Paralytic
  10. Jesus Heals a Man’s Withered Hand on the Sabbath
  11. Jesus Raises the Son of a Widow from the Dead
  12. Jesus Calms the Storm
  13. Jesus Casts Demons Into a Pig Herd
  14. Jesus Heals a Woman with Blood Issues
  15. Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter from the Dead
  16. Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
  17. Jesus Heals a Mute Man that was Demon-Possessed
  18. Jesus Heals a Man with a Paralytic Condition
  19. Jesus Feeds 5,000 People
  20. Jesus Walks on Water
  21. Jesus Heals Many That Touch the Hem of His Garment
  22. Jesus Heals Gentile Woman’s Demon-Possessed Daughter
  23. Jesus Heals a Deaf Man Who Has a Speech Impediment
  24. Jesus Feeds 4,000 People
  25. Jesus Heals a Blind Man
  26. Jesus Heals a Man That Was Blind Since Birth
  27. Jesus Casts Out a Demon from a Boy
  28. The Temple Tax is Paid from Coin in Fish’s Mouth
  29. Jesus Heals a Man That Was Blind and Mute
  30. Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman in the Synagogue
  31. Jesus Heals a Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath
  32. Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
  33. Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
  34. Jesus Restored Bartimaeus’ Sight
  35. Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
  36. Jesus Heals a Severed Ear
  37. Second Miracle Catching Fish

Miracles of Jesus Free Printable

I created this Miracle of Jesus printable so you can use it during your study time. It’s completely free to download. Just click this Miracle of Jesus printable link to get your free PDF.

Miracles of Jesus Free Printable

Miracles of Jesus

As I mentioned above, I have spent a few months studying the miracles of Jesus. I’ve listed each miracle Jesus performed below. This list of Jesus’ miracles is in chronological order.

I’ve written a description of each miracle and included a reference to the book of the Bible where you can find the miracle. At the end of each miracle, I’ve included a takeaway. This takeaway is what I learned from each miracle.

1. Jesus Turns Water Into Wine at Wedding

Bible Reference: John 2:1-11

The wine was an important part of a wedding so running out of wine would be embarrassing for the bride and groom. In the East, a wedding lasted for at least a week so they needed a lot of wine.

Jesus didn’t come from a wealthy family so this was probably a lower-budget wedding. When Mary (The mother of Jesus) told Jesus that they were out of wine, He replied that it wasn’t His time yet.

He was referring to revealing Himself as the Messiah. If you continue reading through the book of John in the Bible, you will see that He has similar replies like this.

Even though Jesus responded this way, He still granted the request. Mary must have known that he was going to fulfill it by His expression or His tone because she told the servants to do whatever He said. This is a good representation of what we should be doing. We should do whatever Jesus says.

There were six waterpots at the ceremony because Jewish tradition required a lot of washing. They had to wash their hands before each course and when they finished eating. They also used the water for washing dishes and cleaning feet, etc.

Jesus asked the servants to fill these waterpots up with water. The servants were obedient to what Jesus asked of them just like we should be. Obedience and faith are a big part of the Christian walk. We please God by doing both of these things.

It took a lot of faith for the servant to draw out from the waterpots and take it to the master of the feast. They had tremendous faith to believe that this water had been turned into wine.

The master of the feast at the ceremony was in charge of making sure the guests were comfortable. The better wine was usually served first because the guests would consume so much that they wouldn’t notice the quality of the later servings.

The wine that Jesus made from the water was so good that the master of the feast complemented the wine. Imagine how blessed the servants were by this miracle. They saw water and then the water became wine.

Takeaway: This miracle Jesus performed says a lot about what Jesus can bring into our lives when we accept His invitation.

2. Jesus Heals an Official’s Son

Bible Reference: John 4:43-54

Jesus returned to Cana Galilee which is where He made the water wine. He was received by the Galileans because they saw the miracle he performed at the wedding.

Jesus made His way into Capernaum where a nobleman’s (basically a royal person) son was sick. This nobleman came to Jesus in urgency because He was going to lose his son. Jesus had come across many who asked for their children to be healed but they believed in signs and wonders instead of the power of Jesus.

Once again we see the example of faith here. Jesus questioned the nobleman like he had questioned others that had come to him on behalf of their children. Jesus then said, “Go your way, your son lives”. The man believed Jesus and went to see his son.

The testing of the nobleman’s faith came from Jesus’ Words. He hadn’t seen his son healed yet but He still believed what Jesus said. He wasn’t even in a hurry to validate Jesus’ Words. He knew in his heart that his son was healed.

This display of God’s power deepened the nobleman’s belief. Now he and his whole household believed.

Takeaway: This miracle of Jesus can keep us encouraged that we don’t have to see to believe. God’s Word is true and Jesus heals!

3. Jesus Drives an Evil Spirit from a Man

Bible Reference: Mark 1:21-27 and Luke 4:31-36

This Miracle of Jesus in the Bible is found in both Mark and Luke. Jesus was in the synagogue teaching. The synagogue had no set teachers so this allowed Jesus to preach. The people were very impressed with Jesus’s teachings.

Jesus taught with authority because He knew the Truth of the Bible. He submitted to the Father and spoke from His knowledge. As Jesus was teaching a man that was demon-possessed was challenging Jesus.

The demon knew that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus immediately rebuked the unclean spirit and it left the man. Jesus used a few words to command the evil spirit to leave. There was no ceremony or special act for Him to accomplish this.

Everyone was amazed because this unclean spirit left at Jesus’ command. He showed the power and authority of God. Seeing this miracle of Jesus led the people to really believe. They spread this news throughout Galilee.

Takeaway: God is the only one who has true authority and power over everything on earth. We need to praise and honor God because He is the only living God.

4. Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law’s Fever

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:14-15, Mark 1:29–31, and Luke 4:38-39

This healing miracle is found in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus left the synagogue and entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John. They told Jesus about Simon’s mother-in-law being sick with a fever. Jesus took her by the hand and the fever immediately left her and she served him.

Jesus came to earth to reach individual people. He wasn’t in the business of exalting Himself above others. He performed this healing in a private home without the public. He didn’t need to boast about His power or prove anything.

I love how Simon’s mother-in-law immediately started serving Jesus after she was healed.

Takeaway: When we receive blessings, we should all have the desire to serve Jesus. Being thankful and showing gratitude pleases our Father.

5. Jesus Heals the Sick and Oppressed

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:16-17, Mark 1:32-34, and Luke 4:40-41

Jesus healed many on this day. God loves everyone and wanted to help them as much as He could. He healed each person individually which shows that He knows and cares about each one of us personally.

Matthew saw this as a partial fulfillment of Isaiah 53 which refers to spiritual and physical healing. This reminds us that it did cost Jesus something to heal. He showed Himself as the Messiah and in turn, He was ridiculed for it.

Jesus healed by touch, His Words, and other methods which are unnamed. He healed all different people regardless of their status.

Takeaway: Jesus loves and cares about each one of us personally. He took the ultimate sacrifice to demonstrate His love for us.

6. First Miracle of Catching Fish

Bible Reference: Luke 5:1-11

This miracle that Jesus performed states that He was teaching multitudes of people. This was one of the many ways we could see that His teachings were getting more popular. More and more people followed Him to hear Him teach.

When Jesus asked Simon to let down his net, Simon replied with an excuse. He referred to Jesus as Master which showed that He was willing to do what Jesus asked Him to do. Instead of making up a ton of excuses, He did just what Jesus asked of him.

Simon showed that he trusted Jesus by obeying Him. Jesus rewarded Simon with a huge amount of fish. When Simon saw all the fish, he fell at Jesus’ feet and surrendered himself. He knew this was a true miracle because of his knowledge as a fisherman.

Jesus told Simon that he would now be catching men. Simon accepted this and followed Jesus. His partners James and John were astonished at this miracle as well and followed Him with Simon.

Takeaway: When we are obedient to Jesus, we will reap great rewards. This Miracle of Jesus shows us that He will give us our heart’s desire (according to His Will) when we surrender to Him.

7. Jesus Cleanses Man with Leprosy

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:1-4, Mark 1:40-45, and Luke 5:12-14

Leprosy was an awful disease. It basically ate your body away until your body rotted and died. This leper knew how horrific his disease was and was desperate for Jesus’ healing. He kneeled down before Jesus because He knew Jesus had the power to heal him.

He really believed in Jesus’ power and was confident that he would be healed. This showed his faith in Jesus. Lepers were not supposed to come in contact with anyone due to their disease. They were supposed to announce themselves as ‘unclean” to keep people from coming in contact with them.

There was no cure for leprosy and the people of that day knew the only one who could heal them was God. The leper asked Jesus to cleanse him, not to heal him. This was because he knew he needed a full cleansing rather than just healing from his disease.

This Miracle of Jesus was done by touch. He could have spoken the words but instead, he chose to touch the leper. In these days people were forbidden from touching lepers. Jesus knew that this man hadn’t felt a touch in years so He showed His love by touching him.

Jesus told the man to show the priest because there was a ceremony by law that was to be performed when a leper was cleansed. Jesus was honoring God’s law and was also showing the priest that an incurable disease was cured.

Jesus asked the leper to keep this miracle quiet from the public but the leper didn’t listen. He spread the news in hopes of helping Jesus. Instead, it held Jesus’ ministry back because He was no longer able to enter the city freely.

This leper thought he knew better than Jesus but that showed not to be the case. Jesus knew why he asked him to not share publicly.

Takeaway: Jesus has the power to cleanse us from all sin. Salvation is offered to all through faith in Jesus. We also see that it’s best to obey Jesus rather than our own plan. His plan is always better.

8. Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10

There was a centurion man whose servant was sick and dying. He had every right under Roman law to kill his servant but he chose to have his servant healed instead.

He knew Jesus had the power to heal his servant so he sent Jewish leaders to represent him in asking Jesus for healing. The centurion felt that he was unworthy and couldn’t come into the presence of Jesus.

The Jewish leaders knew that this centurion man was a good man so they agreed to represent him. They begged Jesus to come and heal the servant so Jesus went with them. When Jesus was almost to the house the centurion sent out friends to tell Jesus that he wasn’t worthy enough to have Jesus under his roof.

He asked that Jesus say the words and heal his servant. The centurion knew that Jesus had the authority to heal his servant. Jesus healed the servant and marveled at the centurion’s faith.

Takeaway: We can go directly to Jesus. We don’t need a representative even if we are unworthy. Jesus justifies us (Romans 4:5). We also see great faith in the centurion man.

9. Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Bible Reference: Matthew 9:1-8, Mark 2:1-12, and Luke 5:17-26

Jesus was teaching and religious teachers were amongst the crowd. These religious teachers were listening because they wanted to find a way to criticize Jesus. Then there was a group of men carrying a paralyzed man and they wanted Jesus to heal him.

They had a problem. There was no room in the crowd so they found a way to the rooftop and let the paralyzed man down through the roof of the house near Jesus.

These men went to great lengths to get their friend in front of Jesus and Jesus knew that. Jesus saw the faith of this man and his friends and said “your sins have been forgiven”.

This caused the scribes and Pharisees to question Jesus’ authority. Jesus knew their thoughts and asked them “Why are your reasoning in your heart?” The scribes and Pharisees knew that forgiveness and healing are impossible for man. The only way this could happen was by the power of God.

Jesus referred to himself as the Son of Man and stated that He has the power to forgive sins on earth. Then He told the paralytic man to get up and go to his house. Everyone was amazed by this miracle of Jesus.

Takeaway: Jesus has the power to heal. As believers, we need to remember that we can experience this power and His promises if we come to Him in faith.

10. Jesus Heals a Man’s Withered Hand on the Sabbath

Bible Reference: Matthew 12:9-14, Mark 3:1-5, and Luke 6:6-11

Jesus was teaching at the synagogue on the Sabbath. The scribes and the Pharisees were nearby waiting to see how they could accuse Jesus of something. They already knew the healing power of Jesus from past miracles and wanted to catch Him doing something wrong, especially on the Sabbath.

Jesus knew what they were thinking so he asked a man with a withered hand to arise and stand. The religious leaders watched closely. Jesus said to them “I will ask you one thing: Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy?” Jesus wanted the religious leaders to understand that there is never a wrong day to do good.

Jesus commanded the man to reach out his hand. This was a very hard thing to do for a person with a withered hand. This miracle of Jesus gave the man the ability to reach out his hand and Jesus healed it.

The religious leaders were angry when they saw this miracle. Jesus didn’t do this to cause problems, He did this so they could have a true understanding of the Sabbath. The religious leaders’ legalism caused them to miss the whole point of serving the Lord.

TakeAway: We can get caught up in legalism just like the religious leaders. We can watch Jesus and do what He says but our hearts can still be far from Him. God wants our hearts and that can only happen if we truly surrender our life to Him.

11. Jesus Raises the Son of a Widow from the Dead

Bible Reference: Luke 7:11-17

Here we see that Jesus’ popularity was growing. He was traveling with a large crowd that included His disciples. During His travels, He came near the gate of the city and saw a coffin being carried out.

In the coffin was the only son of a widow. There was also a large crowd traveling with this woman. When Jesus saw the widow, he told her not to weep. He had compassion for her. He understood the pain this woman was going through and wanted to give her hope despite the tragedy.

Jesus went over to the open coffin, touched it, and told the dead boy to rise. The boy sat up and started to speak. Once the boy was presented alive, a fear of the Lord came over the crowd and they praised God for being present with them.

Takeaway: This miracle Jesus performed shows us the compassion of Jesus. He doesn’t want any of us to suffer.

12. Jesus Calms the Storm

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25

Up to here, we see that Jesus heals but this miracle of Jesus is different from healing. In this miracle, Jesus calms the storm. We read here that Jesus asked his disciples to go on a boat and head over to the other side of the lake. During their trip, Jesus fell asleep and a windstorm came down on the lake.

The disciples called to Jesus saying “We are perishing”. They were afraid that they were going to die during this storm. We know that this storm must have been pretty significant because the disciples were fishermen so they were used to different types of weather on the lake. The disciples really needed Jesus’ help.

Jesus awoke and rebuked the wind and the raging water. After it ceased He asked His disciples “Where is your faith?” The disciples were afraid and started talking to each other saying “Who can this be? He commands the wind and water and they obey Him.”

The disciples didn’t have faith that they would get to the other side of the lake even though Jesus asked them to go there. They panicked and thought they were going to die. We can relate to this in our own lives. We often panic because we are in a storm and we don’t know the end result.

Takeaway: Trials and tribulations will come into our life but we need to remember that God is in control. The storm will end and we need to be thankful that it makes us stronger in our walk with Jesus.

13. Jesus Casts Demons Into a Pig Herd

Bible Reference: Matthew 8:28-33, Mark 5:1-20, and Luke 8:26-39

Jesus was sailing to the country of Gadarenes and when He arrived, He stepped out of the boat onto land. There He saw a man who was demon-possessed. The man was naked and lived among the decaying and dead at the tombs.

The demonic spirit said to Jesus “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?” Then the man with whom the spirit was inhabiting said “I beg You, do not torment me!”

Jesus commanded the unclean spirits to come out of the man and asked him his name. The man said his name was Legion. The demons begged Jesus not to send them to the abyss. The abyss is the bottomless pit referred to in Revelation 9:11.

There was a herd of swine feeding on a mountain nearby so the demons asked if they could enter the swine. Jesus allowed them to enter the swine. The demons entered the swine and ran wildly down into the lake and drowned.

These demons were destructive just like their leader, Satan. When the owners of the swine saw this they came out to see what happened and saw the man that was demon-possessed sitting at the feet of Jesus. They were afraid.

Then they asked Jesus to depart from them because of their fear. So Jesus got in the boat and returned. The man that was demon-possessed asked Jesus if he could follow him but Jesus sent him away.

Jesus knew that this man had important things to do in his home and community. The man went on his way and spread the good news to the whole city.

Takeaway: Demon possession is a real thing. Things like superstition, fortune-telling, magic, drug use, etc. open the door to deception in believers and nonbelievers. We need to guard ourselves against these practices because demonic spirits are real and are looking for an opening.

14. Jesus Heals a Woman with Blood Issues

Bible Reference: Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8:42-48

Jesus was traveling and a crowd was following Him. A woman who had been struggling with bleeding for 12 years heard about Jesus. She came behind him in the crowd and touched His clothes.

This woman was considered socially unclean because of her bleeding and hadn’t been touched for many years. She was desperate to be healed of this condition. She knew that if she touched Jesus, she would be made well. Her bleeding condition dried up the moment she touched Jesus’ garments. She was healed.

Jesus had felt the power leave from Him so He asked ‘Who touched my clothes?” The disciples said, “You see this multitude thronging you, and you ask who touched you?” They knew many people had bumped into Him. The difference with this woman was that she reached out and touched Him with faith that she would be healed.

The woman was trembling and full of fear. She approached Jesus and fell at His feet. She told Him what happened. Jesus said “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your affliction.”

Takeaway: Jesus heals in this miracle. Once again we see that faith brings tremendous benefits. Not because we get what we want but because God is faithful to who He is.

15. Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter from the Dead

Bible Reference: Matthew 9:18-19; 23-26, Mark 5:21-24; 35-43, and Luke 8:41-42; 49-56

When Jesus returned to the multitude of people, a man named Jairus approached Him. Jairus was the ruler of the synagogue which basically means a pastor. His daughter was dying and he was desperate for her to be healed. He fell at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to come to His house.

While Jesus was still speaking to the woman with blood issues, someone came from Jairus’ house saying that his daughter was dead. Jesus heard this and said, “Do not be afraid, only believe and she will be made well”.

When Jesus arrived at the house, He only permitted Peter, James, John, and the parents of the girl to be present. Jesus said, “Do not weep; she is not dead, but sleeping”. The crowd ridiculed Him so Jesus put them all outside. Jesus spoke to the little girl saying arise. The girl’s spirit returned and she was alive.

Jesus commanded her parents to give food to the girl and the girl’s parents were astonished. Jesus told them not to tell anyone about this Miracle Jesus performed.

Takeaway: Jesus tells Jairus two things. One was to have no fear and the other was to have faith. Faith and fear do not go together. We need to choose to have faith over fear in order to really trust Jesus.

16. Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

Bible Reference: Matthew 9:27-31

Here we see two blind men following Jesus. It must have been hard for them to follow Jesus. They had to keep their ears open and listen in order to follow Him. The blind men shouted out “Son of David, have mercy on us”.

These blind men knew that Jesus was the Messiah so they shouted out His Messianic title “Son of David”. Jesus waited until these men came into the house and then asked them “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

The blind men replied “Yes, Lord” and Jesus touched their eyes and healed them. Jesus healed these men according to their faith. Then Jesus warns the blind men saying, “See that no one knows it”. These men were so happy that they ignored Jesus’ warning and spread the news everywhere.

Takeaway: This miracle along with the many miracles Jesus performed was based on faith. We can receive blessings from Jesus when we have the proper faith. We see many examples of proper faith in the miracles of Jesus.

17. Jesus Heals a Mute Man that was Demon-Possessed

Bible Reference: Matthew 9:32-34

This man was mute and demon-possessed. The Jews thought demon possession could only be cured through exorcism. In this situation, this man couldn’t be helped because in exorcism rabbis would first use the trick of having the demon say its name.

The man was mute so they couldn’t get the demon to say his name. This man was incurable according to the Jews. There is hope for this man because we see that Jesus had no problem casting out the demon.

Once Jesus did this, the man spoke. This miracle Jesus performed was truly miraculous in Israel. It showed Jesus’ authority over the demons and the weakness of the rabbis’.

Takeaway: This miracle of Jesus shows us that we have hope. Jesus has the power to do anything, man does not. We need to put our hope in only Jesus because He will never fail us.

18. Jesus Heals a Man with a Paralytic Condition

Bible Reference: John 5:1-9

Jesus went to Jerusalem and went to a pool in Bethesda. This pool had been evacuated and had five porches. Picture in your mind a pool with five levels, similar to a terrace. In this pool area was a large number of sick people laying on each level.

The sick people believed that the water in the pool would heal them. They waited for the water to move believing that at a certain time of the day, an angel would stir up the water. Once the water was stirred, the first person to step in it would be healed of whatever disease they had.

Jesus saw a man there who had a paralytic condition. The man had been suffering from this condition for 38 years. Jesus knew the man had the condition for a long time and asked the man “Do you want to be made well?”

The sick man explained to Jesus that there was no one to put him in the water and every time he tried to get there, someone got in front of him. Jesus said, “Rise, take up your bed and walk”. The man picked up his bed and walked. Jesus healed him.

Takeaway: This man was paralyzed and knew that he couldn’t get up and walk. Jesus challenged him to do something he knew he couldn’t do. The man believed in Jesus and was able to walk. Saying we “believe” doesn’t always mean we do. Obeying the Lord and doing what He says without questioning is what we can learn from this miracle of Jesus.

19. Jesus Feeds 5,000 People

Bible Reference: Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17, and John 6:1-14

The apostles (They are called apostles when they preach but are called disciples when they are learning.) had returned and were telling Jesus all that they had done. Then Jesus took them to a private deserted place in the city of Bethsaida.

The multitudes of people saw Jesus and followed Him. Jesus received them and started teaching them. He spoke about the kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing.

As the day got shorter the disciples spoke to Jesus because they were concerned about the multitude of people that were with them. They were concerned about lodging and food for these people.

Jesus told them to give the people something to eat. The disciples responded saying they only had five loaves and two fish. They knew it wasn’t enough to feed the 5,000 people. So Jesus told the disciples to have the multitude of people sit down.

Once the people were sitting down, Jesus took the five loaves and two fish and looked up to heaven, blessed them, broke them, and gave them to the disciples to distribute. All 5,000 ate and there were leftovers.

Takeaway: This miracle Jesus performed is a reminder that Jesus provides. We may not understand how but Jesus does things miraculously. We also see that Jesus welcomes the multitude of people. He doesn’t turn them away. It’s encouraging to see that we are never interrupting Jesus. He accepts us for who we are. We need to remember our identity in Christ.

20. Jesus Walks on Water

Bible Reference: Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52, and John 6:16-21

After Jesus fed the thousands, He and His disciples headed back to the boat. He sent the disciples off on the boat and sent the multitude of people away. Then He went off to the mountains by himself to pray.

Throughout the gospels, we see that Jesus never neglected family. He needed time alone with His Father, prayer is powerful. When Jesus was finished with prayer, the boat was out in the middle of the sea. It was being tossed by the waves and wind.

Jesus went to the boat walking on the water. The disciples saw Him coming and were filled with fear because they thought it was a ghost. Jesus spoke to them immediately saying “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”

Peter responded to Him saying “Lord if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” Jesus said, “Come”. So Peter got out of the boat and started walking on the water toward Jesus.

Once Peter started seeing the waves and the wind, he was afraid. He started to sink and cried out “Lord, save me!” Jesus reached out His hand, saved him, and said “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

They got back in the boat and the wind winded down. All the disciples in the boat were amazed at this and started worshiping Jesus. They said, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Takeaway: Prayer should be a priority in our lives. Jesus shows us a great example of the time we need to spend with the Lord. Peter shows us what it looks like to have true faith. Once he took his eyes off Jesus, he was filled with fear. Choosing to have faith over fear is a decision. Faith is our goal. Fear is our weakness. It’s encouraging to see that Jesus still saves Peter even though he failed. Jesus is our hope!

21. Jesus Heals Many That Touch the Hem of His Garment

Bible Reference: Matthew 14:34-36 and Mark 6:53-56

This miracle in the Bible shares how Jesus healed many who touched His garment. Jesus’ healing ministry was becoming very popular. People heard about the healings and they knew the only way these miracles could happen was with the power of God.

People recognized Jesus and would gather all the sick people so He could heal them. The people would go through the surrounding towns and gather the bedridden people to be healed. As Jesus traveled through cities, people would lay in the streets and marketplaces begging Him to be healed.

All of these healings were through the hem of His garments. The people touched his hem and were well made. These Miracles of Jesus showed the people that all things are possible with God.

Takeaway: Jesus is powerful. If you ever doubt His power, you can find all the proof of His power in the Bible.

22. Jesus Heals Gentile Woman’s Demon-Possessed Daughter

Bible Reference: Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30

Jesus entered a Gentile’s house but wanted no one to know. The reason for this was that Jewish tradition stated that a faithful Jew would have nothing to do with a Gentile. Jesus didn’t obey the Jewish tradition because He came to save the lost but at the same time, He wasn’t in the business of drawing attention to Himself.

We see here that Jesus can’t be hidden. Jesus touches lives all around Him so it wasn’t easy for Him to work in secret. A woman saw Jesus and fell at His feet asking Him to heal her demon-possessed daughter.

Jesus reminded the woman that the Jewish people (the little children) get priority over the Gentiles (little dogs). This woman responded with faith because she knew her position. She asked Jesus to deal with her where she was and Jesus blessed her.

Jesus healed her daughter because of her faith and humility. The woman went to her house and saw that the demon had left her daughter.

Takeaway: This miracle of Jesus reminds us that Jesus will meet us wherever we are. He doesn’t have favorites. He is available to all who come to Him.

23. Jesus Heals a Deaf Man Who Has a Speech Impediment

Bible Reference: Mark 7:31-37

Jesus was traveling to the Sea of Galilee. There was a man that was brought to him who was deaf and had a speech impediment. The friends of this man begged Jesus to lay hands on him.

We see from previous miracles Jesus performed that this healing was done in a different way. Jesus took the man aside, put His fingers in his ears, and spat and touched his tongue. Jesus didn’t limit Himself to “one way” healing methods. He met the needs of each person individually.

Jesus “sighed” as He looked up to heaven. This sigh was a response to the compassion the Lord has for us. He knows the pain of the sin and sorrow that has been brought into the world. Immediately the man could hear and his speech was corrected.

Jesus commanded them to not tell anyone what happened. The men were all amazed at the healing power of Jesus and started discussing His work with each other.

Takeaway: Jesus meets our needs individually. He knows our beginning to our end and what we need in between. Our relationship with Him should be a personal relationship, not a religion.

24. Jesus Feeds 4,000 People

Bible Reference: Matthew 15:32-39 and Mark 8:1-10

A large group of people had been traveling with Jesus for three days. Jesus had compassion for the multitude of people and called the disciples to discuss the situation. Jesus explained that these people have been traveling without food and He wanted to feed them.

The disciples responded with concern about feeding this amount of people. He asked the disciples how many loaves of bread they had. They responded that they had seven loaves. So Jesus commanded the multitudes to sit down.

Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and broke them. He gave the loaves to the disciples to distribute to the multitude. The multitude of 4,000 ate and still had seven large baskets left over. Jesus sent the multitude away and got in the boat with His disciples.

Takeaway: Jesus asked the disciples to give up their bread for the multitude just like He asks us to give abundantly in Matthew 25:29. We see the abundance that Jesus made from the disciples giving up their bread. We can be encouraged to know that Jesus will turn our giving into blessings when it’s done with the right heart.

25. Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Bible Reference: Mark 8:22-26

Jesus was in Bethsaida and a blind man was brought to Him, begging to be touched. Jesus took the man out of the town. Once the man’s eyes had spit and Jesus had His hands laid on him, Jesus asked him if he saw anything.

The man replied that he saw men like trees walking so Jesus put His hands on his eyes again and had him lookup. At that moment the blind man’s vision was restored and he saw everything clearly. Then Jesus sent the man away and told him to tell no one about what happened.

Takeaway: We see in this miracle of Jesus that the healing process was gradual. This is a great example of how people are when they are spiritually blind. Only the Holy Spirit can fully clear our spiritual blindness. This is only made possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

26. Jesus Heals a Man That Was Blind Since Birth

Bible Reference: John 9:1-12

Jesus was walking with His disciples when He saw a man who was blind from birth. The disciples asked Him if the blindness was a result of sin by this man or his parents. Jesus said that this man’s blindness was basically a birth defect and it wasn’t caused by him or his parents.

Jesus said the man’s blindness was in God’s plan so the work of God should be revealed in him. Jesus uses the situation to show this man the work of God. The day was passing and Jesus wanted to get this work done before night.

He spat on the ground and made clay and placed it on the man’s eyes. Then He told the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam. As soon as the man washed off the clay, he could see clearly. The man’s neighbors saw that his vision was healed and started talking amongst themselves.

They approached him and asked how his eyes were opened. He explained to them what Jesus did, how he washed in the pool and received sight. Then they asked where Jesus was and the man replied that he didn’t know.

Takeaway: We see a demonstration of faith in this miracle Jesus performed. This man had faith to go to the pool and wash off the clay to receive sight. This man didn’t know much about Jesus yet he still believed that he would be healed. We also see that God uses this man’s blindness to show the work of God. We all have struggles and weaknesses that Jesus can use to bring us closer to Him. This is a great example of Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

27. Jesus Casts Out a Demon from a Boy

Bible Reference: Matthew 17:14-20, Mark 9:14-29, and Luke 9:37-43

Jesus was approaching the disciples and saw the scribes criticizing them. Everyone ran up and greeted Jesus the moment they saw Him. Jesus asked the people about what they were discussing with the disciples.

A man spoke up and said that he brought his son with a mute spirit to be healed. He explained that the demonic spirit had control over the boy and was causing him harm. So he spoke with the disciples to see if they could cast out the spirit and they could not.

Jesus referred to this group of people as a faithless generation. It’s not clear exactly who He was speaking about so it’s safe to assume that it was the scribes, the father, or the disciples. Jesus asked them to bring Him the boy. The spirit convulsed the boy and threw him to the ground once he saw Jesus.

Jesus asked the father about how long this has been happening to the boy. The father explained what specifically has been happening to the boy all this time and asked Jesus for compassion. Jesus responded by saying “If you believe, all things are possible to him who believes”.

The father cried out “I believe, help my unbelief!” Jesus rebuked the spirit and the spirit convulsed the boy and left him. The boy was lying on the ground as if he were dead. Jesus grabbed his hand and the boy rose to his feet.

When Jesus came into the house privately, the disciples asked why they couldn’t cast out the demon. Jesus replied that the demon could only come out by fasting and prayer. He was basically telling the disciples they had a lack of prayer and fasting.

Takeaway: We all have moments of doubt and those moments take over our faith. We can do exactly what this man did by asking Jesus to help our unbelief when our faith is lacking. He hears us and will give us strength when we ask Him. We also see that the disciples had a lack of prayer and fasting. These are two things that draw us closer to the Lord. Making our relationship with the Lord a priority is essential to growing our faith.

28. The Temple Tax is Paid from a Coin in a Fish’s Mouth

Bible Reference: Matthew 17:24-27

The temple tax was a normal tax applied to all Jewish men. When Peter was confronted by the tax collectors, they asked if Jesus paid the temple tax. Peter replied “Yes”. Then Peter entered the house where Jesus was and Jesus knew what Peter was going to ask Him.

Jesus explained to Peter that they were exempt from paying this tax because the rabbis and priests in Jerusalem were exempt from paying this tax. Jesus knew that He and the disciples were serving the Lord’s purpose but He wasn’t recognized by the Jewish leaders for doing so.

Instead of causing controversy, Jesus told Peter to cast a hook and grab the coin out of the mouth of the first fish he catches. He asked Peter to take the coin and give it as the temple tax for both of them.

Takeaway: This miracle of Jesus shows us that we are to set a good example. We are to go above and beyond to represent our Father. I often hear that Christians are hypocrites and that’s something we need to fix as the Body of Christ. Serve the Lord and be a good example of who He is.

29. Jesus Heals a Man That Was Blind and Mute

Bible Reference: Matthew 12:22-23 and Luke 11:14

A man that was blind, mute, and demon-possessed was brought to Jesus. We don’t see how specifically this healing was performed but Jesus healed this man and he was able to see and speak. The multitude of people were amazed and asked each other if this was The Son of David.

Takeaway: If you’ve received Jesus Christ into your life then you can be comforted to know that He is always with us. We can call on Him anytime and He will be there. This healing is just one of the many miracles of Jesus that keeps us encouraged knowing that He can do all things that are not possible with man.

30. Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman in the Synagogue

Bible Reference: Luke 13:10-13

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue and He saw a woman bent over without the ability to raise herself up. She had this physical condition for eighteen years.

Jesus called this woman over to Him and told her that she was healed from her physical condition as He laid His hands on her. Immediately she stood straight and praised the Lord.

Takeaway: This woman was in bondage to her condition and Jesus set her free. He can break bondage for anyone who believes. Jesus forgives all sin when we repent and surrender to Him.

31. Jesus Heals a Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath

Bible Reference: Luke 14:1-6

Jesus was eating with the Pharisees on the Sabbath. I love this because Jesus still associated with the Pharisees even though they challenged Him. He didn’t want to be like them but He wanted to show them an example of who God is.

The Pharisees watched Jesus closely so they could catch Him doing something wrong. Then Jesus saw a man that had dropsy. This was a condition that affected fluids in the tissues of the body. The disease made a person look bloated.

Jesus spoke up and asked if it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath. No one answered so He healed the man that had dropsy and let him go. Jesus proceeded to explain why He could heal on the Sabbath.

He used the example of a donkey or an ox falling into a pit. He asked them if they would help the animal or leave it because it was the Sabbath. They did not answer Him. Jesus wasn’t breaking the law of healing on the Sabbath. These were rules made up by the tradition of man.

Takeaway: One of the biggest mistakes we can make is following the tradition of man. The Bible is very clear that man will fail us but God will not. We need to be intentional about lining up what we believe with God’s Word not what man teaches us.

32. Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Bible Reference: Luke 17:11-19

Jesus was approached by ten men that had leprosy. People with leprosy congregated together often because they weren’t allowed to be around other people. These men asked Jesus to have mercy on them. So Jesus told the men to go show themselves to the priests.

The men showed themselves to the priest and were cleansed. These men demonstrated great faith by showing themselves to the priest while they were still lepers. One of the men returned once he noticed he was healed and gave glory to God.

Jesus asked the man about the nine other men. He said, “None of the other men came to give glory to God?” He then said to the man, “Arise, your faith has made you well.”

Takeaway: We see that the Lord rewards obedience and faith. Sometimes we don’t see the reward right away but we can be confident that it will come. Gratitude is also a big part of our walk with the Lord. Jesus questioned the man and noticed that the other men weren’t grateful for the healing they received.

33. Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

Bible Reference: John 11:1-44

Mary and Martha notified Jesus that their brother Lazarus was sick and dying. Jesus loved Mary and Martha and decided to go back to Judea despite all the trouble He had there. By this time, Lazarus was dead.

Martha heard Jesus was coming and was discouraged. She told Jesus that if He was there earlier her brother would not have died. She also said that she believed that God would do whatever Jesus asked of Him.

Jesus said to her “Your brother will rise again.” Martha thought He was talking about her brother rising in the resurrection in the last days. But Jesus said that He is the resurrection and the life and whoever believes in Him will live even if he dies.

Martha told Jesus that she believes He is the Christ, the Son of God. Then Mary came to Jesus and wept saying that if He had been there, her brother wouldn’t have died. Jesus groaned and was troubled. He wept and asked where the body was laid.

They told Him that Lazarus’ body was in a cave and that there was a stone against the opening. Jesus asked them to take the stone away. Martha told Jesus that the body must smell by now since he’s been dead for 4 days.

Jesus said, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the Glory of God?” They took the stone away and Jesus looked up and spoke with His Father. Then Jesus cried out “Lazarus, come forth” and Lazarus got up and started walking. They unbound Him and let Him go.

Takeaway: This miracle Jesus performed was another unbelievable circumstance. Mary and Martha knew the power of Jesus yet they still questioned Him. This is a great example of us needing to stand firm in our faith. Wavering causes doubt and fear.

34. Jesus Restored Bartimaeus’ Sight

Bible Reference: Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52, and Luke 18:35-43

A blind man named Bartimaeus was begging near the road and heard a multitude of people passing by. He asked the others what was going on and they said Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. The blind man cried out “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

The people around him told him to be quiet but he cried out to Jesus once again saying “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” This man was desperate to get Jesus’ attention. Jesus heard the man and asked for him to come over.

Jesus asked the man “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus replied, “Lord, that I may restore my sight.” Jesus answered this man’s request and restored his sight. He told the man that his faith made him well.

Bartimaeus followed Jesus and glorified God. All the people that witnessed this miracle of Jesus gave praise to God.

Takeaway: Jesus is always available to us. Here we see that He was traveling through Jericho but He stopped to help this man. The Bible tells us to ask and we will receive. God wants to hear from His children. Never stop asking.

35. Jesus Curses a Fig Tree

Bible Reference: Mark 11:12-14

Jesus returned to the city and was hungry. He saw a fig tree and approached it. The fig tree had leaves but no figs. Jesus cursed it saying “Let no fruit grow on you ever again.” The fig tree withered away immediately.

This fig tree was a false representation. It is not normal for fig trees to have leaves and no figs. This representation of the fig tree aligns with the parable of Jesus about judgment coming upon an unfruitful Israel.

The disciples saw what Jesus did and questioned Him about how the fig tree withered away so soon. Jesus explained to the disciples that this could happen if you have faith with no doubt. He wanted the disciples to have this kind of faith and trust in God.

Jesus continues to tell the disciples that whatever they ask for in prayer they shall receive if they believe. This is one of the many promises of God to believers.

Takeaway: The Bible tells us that we will be known by our fruit. Just like this fig tree, our fruit will show others who we really are. The fruits of the Spirit are given to those who have faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit will work within us to make those fruits visible to others. All things are possible with God. When we pray, we need to believe that our prayers will be answered. His promises are true.

36. Jesus Heals a Severed Ear

Bible Reference: Luke 22:50-51

Judas betrayed Jesus so he was arrested. During this process, one of the disciples struck the chief priest with his sword and cut off his right ear. The disciple who did this is unnamed here but in John 18:10, we see that this man was Peter.

Jesus didn’t want this violence so He reached out and touched the man’s ear and it was healed.

Takeaway: Loving one another is a big topic in the Bible. Violence doesn’t solve anything. We need to remember that Jesus doesn’t need us to defend him. He wants us to share the gospel through love and compassion.

37. Second Miracle Catching Fish

Bible Reference: John 21:1-11

After the resurrection, Jesus showed Himself once again to the disciples. Simon Peter decided to go fishing and the disciples decided to join him. They fished all night long and caught nothing. The morning had come and Jesus stood on the shore but the disciples did not know it was Him.

He asked the disciples if they had any food and they said no. Then Jesus told them to cast their net out on the right side of the boat to find fish. The disciples did what Jesus told them to and when they did, they couldn’t even pull the net out of the water because there were so many fish.

One of the disciples noticed it was Jesus that they were talking to and cried out “It is the Lord!” Simon Peter heard this and put on his garments and jumped into the sea to get to Jesus as quickly as possible. The other disciples came in on the boat hauling the multitude of fish.

Once they got to shore, they saw a fire with fish and bread being cooked on it. Jesus asked them to bring some of the fish from their net to be cooked. Jesus invited them to eat breakfast with Him. They all knew He was the Lord but they didn’t ask Him who He was.

Takeaway: Jesus resurrected but He still shows a personal interest in our lives. Here we see Him with the disciples just like any other day. He is providing for them and has an interest in what they are doing. We also see the servant nature of Jesus even after He conquered death. Remember that Jesus is always with you and He calls us to serve one another just as He demonstrates.

What’s Your Favorite Miracle of Jesus?

This is a hard question. I feel like each miracle of Jesus speaks to me in a different way. When I started studying the miracles of Jesus, I had no idea of the impact they would have on me.

We know that all miracles are amazing but the message behind them is what we need to learn from. Through studying these miracles Jesus performed, I have shed many tears and have been convicted multiple times.

I’d love to hear how these Jesus miracles speak to you in your life. I have shared a takeaway after each miracle to give you a glimpse of how they have spoken to my life. Let me know in the comments below!

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