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Free Printable Bible Verses That Will Bless You

Free Printable Bible VersesWe are so incredibly blessed to open a Bible and read it. God’s Word is the most powerful weapon we have in our lives and we get to hold it in our hands.

That’s why I love surrounding myself with God’s Truth. One of my favorite ways to do this is with Printable Bible verses. They are a great way to take your favorite scripture with you.

Keeping Bible verses close to our hearts helps us battle the trials we encounter. We can memorize Bible verses and use them to take our thoughts captive and resist the devil.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” James 4:7 NIV

Free Printable Bible Verses

I love making printable Bible verses. I’m excited to share some of my favorite scripture printables with you.

Below you will find the Bible printables I have made so far. I will be making more as time goes on. I will add them here as I make them.

These are completely free printable Bible verses. There is no sign up required to download them. Each link will lead to my article with a free printable Bible verse pdf.

Free Scripture Card Printables

There are so many types of free Bible printables. I love making scripture notecard printables and 8×10 printables.

Here are the printable scripture cards I have made so far. Just click on the link below the image to download your copy.

Once you download the free printable, print it on card stock (this is what I use), cut out the scripture cards, punch a hole in the corner, and use a loose-leaf ring (this is what I use) to secure them.

You can also laminate them if you want to protect them. They would make a great Christian gift to bless someone.

Daily Prayer Bible Printable

Daily Prayer Free Printable

This printable is specifically focused on prayer. These are daily prayers that we should be praying for. These printable verses will help remind you to pray daily even if you don’t know what to pray for.

You can get these free printable Bible verse cards by clicking on this prayers to pray daily link.

Encouraging Bible Verse Printable

Free Printable Encouraging Bible Verses

We all need encouragement and we can receive it daily from Jesus. There are several encouraging Bible verses in the Bible. These are just a few that I like to keep close to my heart.

Get your free encouragement Bible printable by clicking on this encouraging scriptures link.

Printable Bible Verses for Anxiety

Free Printable Bible Verses about Anxiety

I’ve suffered from anxiety for several years.  Thankfully, I found Jesus and He saved me from my struggle with fear and anxiety. It still tries to consume me but now I have God’s Word to stand on.

These Bible verses help me remember who is in charge and it’s not me, thank God. You can get this free anxiety printable by clicking this anxiety scriptures link.

Free Printable Bible Verses about Marriage

Marriage Bible Verses

Marriage is such a wonderful blessing. If you are married, I’m sure you are aware of the blessing and the struggle.  Ultimately, in a marriage, we are to serve one another and focus on making each other holy.

These marriage Bible verses are a great reminder that God designed marriage. Get your free Bible printable about marriage by clicking this marriage scriptures link.

Free Printable Scriptures about Peace

Peace Bible Verses

Jesus came to give us peace. We live in a world where it feels like we can’t obtain peace since there is always a spiritual war going on. The Truth is, we can if we rest in the Jesus.

These printable Bible verses about peace are a great reminder of how we can experience peace. Get this free printable by clicking this Scriptures about peace link.

Free 8×10 Scripture Printables 

These are the 8×10 printable Bible verses that I’ve made.  Print them on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut them to fit in an 8×10 frame.

If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty than paper, try printing them on card stock.

Free Printable Gods Promises 

God's Promises printable

The Bible is full of everything we need to know to navigate life. One of my favorite things in the Bible is God’s promises. They lift me up and help me stay focused on my purpose and hope.

These printable Bible verses are a great way to keep God’s promises out in the open for everyone to see. Get your free printable by click this God’s promises link.

Names of God Bible Verses Printable

The Names of God

Names of God printable

The Names of God are powerful. This printable is just a few of the many Names of God. There are over 900 names and titles of God in the Bible.

I made an 8×10 printable and scripture cards for this one. Get your free printable Bible verse pdf by click this Names of God in the Bible link. You’ll be able to download each one.

The Beatitudes Scripture Printables

Free Beatitudes Printable

Free Printable Beatitudes

There are 8 beatitudes in the Bible. Each beatitude comes with a blessing. These blessings are an encouragement for us as believers.

There are free scripture card printables and a free 8×10 printable for this one.  Click this the 8 beatit.udes printable. You’ll be able to download each one.

What Printable Bible Verses are your Favorite?

I love creating free printables. I’d love to hear what printables are your favorite.  Do you have any requests for scripture printables? If so, leave them in the comments below and I will work on getting them posted here.

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