9 Free Christian Wallpapers for Your Phone

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Let’s face it, phones have become a part of everyone’s life. We use them for just about everything. Some days, I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve looked at my phone screen. Not to mention, the negativity I expose myself to daily on my phone.

The other day I got to thinking about what was on my phone screen. I realized that since I look at my phone screen so much, it should have something that encourages me.

And then it hit me…Christian wallpaper for my phone! I could use encouraging Bible verses to remind myself of God’s love daily.

So I sat down and made some cute Christian wallpapers for iPhones or Androids that are totally free. The best part is…there is no email sign-up required to get my Christian phone wallpaper.

It’s super easy to get your free Christian wallpaper from this article. All you need to do is save the image to your phone and add it as your screen image. How easy is that?

Why Should You Put Christian Wallpaper on Your Phone?

It’s no secret that things in the world are getting worse daily. The Bible says it will so we should not be fearful of it. Instead of worrying or being anxious, we should arm ourselves with God’s Truth and His promises to get through it.

Since phones have become a very big part of our lives, we should display Christian wallpaper so we can cover them with God’s Word. The Bible verses will remind us of our God even when we are distracted by our phones.

Christian wallpaper on your iPhone and/or Android is just another way to keep Bible verses close to your heart. Displaying Bible verses on your phone may encourage you to memorize the Bible verse on your phone.

You can mix these up by adding new Christian backgrounds to your phone weekly.

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Free Christian Wallpaper

Check out the Christian wallpapers that I created below. I love creating things that glorify God. The exciting part is that all these Bible verse wallpapers will work on iPhone and Android.

Ready to save your free Christian wallpaper? It’s easy…just press and hold the image you want to use below and download it to your phone. Each phone is different but I’m going to try and explain this as simple as possible.

Once the image is downloaded, click on the three little dots on the right side of the image. You should see the option to “set as”. Choose “set as wallpaper”. That’s it. Now you should see the wallpaper as your home screen.

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Cast Your Cares Phone Wallpaper
Come to me Phone Wallpaper
God is our Refuge Phone Wallpaper
Trust the Lord Phone Wallpaper
Seek First Phone Wallpaper
Lord is Near Phone Wallpaper
Trust Phone Wallpaper
With God Phone Wallpaper

Teach Me Phone Wallpaper

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Christian Wallpapers for iPhone and Android

As I mentioned above, these Christian phone wallpapers should work on any phone, Android, or iPhone. I designed them specifically to work on both.

If you have a background screen on your phone, then these scripture wallpapers should work perfectly.  This a great way to fill your day with God’s Word. It’s not a supplement for Bible study but it’s a great way to add more scripture to your day.

Free Bible Wallpaper

There are all types of Bible wallpapers out there. My mission is to serve the Lord and give you as much free stuff as possible. I created these Christian wallpapers so you deepen your walk and faith with Jesus.

It’s so important for me to reference the Bible in everything that I do. All wisdom comes from the Bible and we can be sure that we will find every answer to life in it.

Every one of the Christian wallpapers I create features a Bible verse.  It’s important to remember that the Bible is our Truth and we should share it with others.

Christian Bible Verse Wallpaper

There are two different places where you can add this Christian wallpaper.  There’s usually a background and a lock screen.

It’s completely up to you if you want to display this Bible verse phone wallpaper on your lock screen. You can even download two different wallpapers and save one for your lock screen and one for your background.

Either way, you can be blessed by looking at a Bible verse on your phone screen all day long.

What’s Your Favorite Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone?

As I mentioned above, there are tons of different Christian backgrounds available.  Some are paid and some are free.  Of course, my favorites are the free ones.

I’d love to hear about your favorites. Do you like religious wallpaper best or basic worldly-type sayings and images?

My goal is to continue adding more Christian wallpaper to this page. If you have any suggestions for Christian wallpapers please leave them in the comment section below.

Make sure to check back often to get the newest designs. I’m praying you are blessed by these free Christian wallpapers.


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