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Start Memorizing Scripture with These Tips

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Have you ever wondered how men who are avid sports fans can remember stats about athletes who played a sport decades ago?

There are some men (like my husband) who know stats about basketball players who were in the league almost 20 years ago.

He can tell you how many points they averaged, how many rebounds they averaged, what teams they played on, and so on. It’s amazing! It’s even more amazing how he remembers all of that but sometimes forgets to take the trash out (ha!)

Our brains do extraordinary things. We can remember details from experiences we’ve had when we were kids down to the smells, colors, and sounds. Sometimes we could even envision ourselves right there at the moment and recall how we felt.

With the exceptional abilities of our minds, you would think it would be simple to read a verse of the bible and memorize scripture in a day. But for some, it’s not that easy.

It can take a week (or even) longer for some to memorize a line of scripture that some can recite without hesitation!

There’s no need to be embarrassed about not being able to memorize scripture as quickly. It’s been proven that some people’s memories are better than others depending on what they have remembered.

Each person is different, we’re all unique. Everyone has a different style of learning. Scripture memorization is learning.

Memorizing Scripture

Why is Memorizing Scripture Important?

As Christians, most of us have a weight on our shoulders to learn more about God through the bible. We have a desire to study the Bible to be able to apply it to our everyday lives. After all, that’s what being a Christian is all about!

When we can’t recall scriptures and what God said about a situation we may be facing, it can be difficult to make a decision on how to react. It’s hard to live out the Word when we don’t know it. That’s why as Christians we all have a desire to read the Bible so we can know God’s Word.

How to Memorize Scripture

Scripture memorization takes an effort. If you’ve been struggling with memorizing scripture to personally know God’s Word, here are some ways to help you remember.

1. Read the Bible Daily

Every morning when I wake up, I read my bible. Currently, my husband and I are going through the Bible in One Year Plan in the Bible app. It’s been helping both of us get to know God better and get on the same page when it comes to our relationship with God.

If you aren’t reading your bible daily already, reading the bible every day can help you memorize scripture. When you hear God’s Word every day and read it for 10 minutes or more, you’ll start to remember key Bible verses and words.

Since you’ll probably have a connection to a story or Bible verse that you read, you’ll find it easy to remember verses that resonated with you the most. Write down the Bible verses that stick out and focus on memorizing those verses.

Taking time to read the bible every day, whether in the morning or at night is a great way to start memorizing scripture.

2. Sing-A-Long

Do you have a song that you just have to sing every time you hear it? Maybe you should sing a little louder next time (lol)! In all seriousness, saying things out loud has been proven to improve our brain’s ability to remember information. It’s even more effective when we repeat it.

This is true whether we’re just reciting it out loud or singing it. Although, singing has been found to be even more effective than just saying words. Something happens when we put words to music.

The logical and creative sides of our brain are activated which makes remembering words easier. That’s why the Nationwide commercial jingle is still stuck in our heads!

Spotify or iTunes may be a great way for scripture memorization. Sometimes I will hear a Christian song that really speaks to me so I will look it up in the Bible and find that there is a Bible verse related to it. Find your favorite Christian artist and jam out your favorite songs.

How to Memorize Scripture

3. Get the Kids Involved

If you have kids, one of (if not your) top priorities is for them to have a relationship with God and be saved. Take some time to find scripture songs on YouTube or your favorite music app and sing-a-long with the kids.

They’ll enjoy being able to have some fun dancing and singing and you’ll both be memorizing scripture.

4. Write it On Your Walls

As women, we all want our homes to look beautiful and feel welcoming. Most of us love to decorate and design the rooms of our houses. We take pride in buying furniture and artwork to make our spaces feel inviting for our families and appealing to the eye.

Placing scripture on the walls is a great way to remind yourself, along with family and visitors, verses in the Bible. There is also an opportunity to encourage those who may come into your home and those that live with you.

The more you see that Bible verse, the more that verse will be in your memory.

5. Write It On Your Heart

The people and things we love the most have a special place in our hearts. We tend to keep them close and think about them often. They’re an important part of our lives. When we begin to deepen our relationship with God, His Word becomes more integral in our daily lives.

It is what we begin to rely on when we need encouragement and what we seek when we need wisdom. When our relationship with God deepens, a love for His word begins to form. We have a deeper emotional and spiritual connection to the verses and scriptures we hear in church or read on our own.

Allowing God to take first place in our hearts is helpful to make His Word a priority. We need to spend time to really think about what the verses we hear or read really mean to us personally and how we can apply them to our everyday lives.

I believe that God does not want us to just memorize scriptures to just know what He says, He wants us to memorize scripture to deepen our faith in Him.

Have you Been Focused on Memorizing Scripture Lately?

These are some tips that I’ve found to be helpful for scripture memorization. I’d love to hear what tips you may have for memorizing scripture. Let me know in the comments below!

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