Medi-Share Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

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Deciding to become a stay-at-home mom changed a lot of things. One of those things was having the ability to afford health insurance.

Choosing to live on one income was a very hard transition mostly because it made our budget tighter. Many Christian end up in similar situations so I thought it would be a great idea to do a Medi-Share review.

My goal is to help you save money and glorify God in the process. This is fully achievable with Medi-Share. Right now, we are blessed to have our insurance covered through my husband’s job but we have entertained the idea of switching to Medi-Share.

I’ve done a ton of research and have been involved personally with Medi-Share when my mom had a medical emergency. I will share my Medi-Share review about that a little later in this article.

First I want to start with a full explanation of what Medi-Share is so you can get a full understanding of how it works and if it will be a good fit for you and your family.


What is Medi-Share?

Medi-Share is a nonprofit Christian organization where members share the cost of each other’s medical bills. It’s a great alternative to traditional health insurance because …

  • It saves you hundreds of dollars monthly.
  • It gives you access to a network of doctors all over the nation.
  • It gives you a network of support from fellow Christians.

How Does Medi-Share Work?

Medi-Share allocates a specific “monthly share amount” into each member’s share account every month. This monthly share amount is used towards other members’ medical bills as needed.

The monthly share amount is determined by the plan you choose, Annual Household Portion (AHP). The AHP is the amount of money you’ve agreed to pay out of pocket (like a deductible) before other members share with you.

Medi-Share offers a lot of different AHP plans that are flexible and budget-friendly. If you’ve been on traditional health insurance before, you will be amazed at how flexible and affordable the Medi-Share plans are.

The process of receiving medical care is very similar to traditional health care. Here’s the process of how to receive medical care.

  • Select a network provider
  • Make an appointment
  • Visit the provider and show them your Medi-Share ID card
  • Pay your copay
  • Receive care

Once you complete this process, the provider will send Medi-Share your bill. Medi-Share will negotiate with the provider to get the best price. If you’ve already met your AHP then your bill will be paid by another member. If you haven’t met your AHP, you will receive the bill from Medi-Share.

Is Medi-Share only for Christians?

Yes. To join Medi-Share, you need to be a Christian believer of any age and a United States Citizen or legal alien.

Medi-Share is based on a Biblical concept. Their mission specifically focuses on the Book of Acts. This book of the Bible shares how the church prayed together, supported each other, and carried each other’s burdens.

Members of Medi-Share receive care and support from fellow members. You can even download the app and encourage and pray for other members.

Members also send cards and encouragement through the mail when they are notified of your medical event. You’ll even experience this level of care when you call customer service. It’s definitely a great way to bless others.

Medi-Share’s Statement of Faith

If you still aren’t sure if you are eligible for Medi-Share, take a look at their statement of faith. They use the Bible alone as their foundation and ask all members to agree in professing the following statements:

  • I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ who existed as God before anything was created, His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, death on the cross to provide for our redemption, bodily resurrection and ascension into heaven, present ministry of intercession for us and His return to earth in power and glory. He is the world’s only Savior and is the Lord of all.
  • I believe in the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit, that He performs the miracle of new birth in an unbeliever and indwells believers, enabling them to live a godly life.

How Much Does Medi-Share Cost?

The monthly costs for Medi-Share depend on the number of people that will be on your plan and the oldest person on the plan. Here are some calculations I figured out for our family of 5. Please keep in mind that these prices can change at any time. This is intended as an example only.

Here is the Medicare cost based on our family of 5 with my husband being the oldest (born in 1979).

There are 4 different AHP (Annual Household Portion) plans available for our plan. I’m going to break the Medi-Share cost down by AHP to make it easier.

AHP $12,000

We would pay $331 per month. Once we would reach our $12,000 AHP every year, Medi-Share would cover the rest of our medical expenses minus copays.

AHP $9,000

We would pay $468 per month. Once we would reach our $9,000 AHP every year, Medi-Share would cover the rest of our medical expenses minus copays.

AHP $6,000

We would pay $613 per month. Once we would reach our $6,000 AHP every year, Medi-Share would cover the rest of our medical expenses minus copays.

AHP $3,000

We would pay $841 per month. Once we would reach our $3,000 AHP every year, Medi-Share would cover the rest of our medical expenses minus copays.

Click this cost estimate link to find out what you would pay. Keep in mind that age and health are part of determining your cost.

There are a few other fees involved to get your account set up. You’ll pay an application fee, a membership fee, and an account setup fee. These fees are one-time costs that are reasonable and are needed to get your plan started.

Just like anything, your monthly share amount can change.

Medi-Share Healthy Care Options

Medi-Share offers flexible health care options. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect.

In Office Visits

Simply select one of Medi-Share’s “In-Network” providers to visit a doctor in person. The copay is around $35.

Emergency Room Visits

If you need to visit the emergency room, that’s perfectly fine but your co-pay will be around $200.

Virtual Care

If you have a minor health concern, you can use the telemedicine service and visit a board-certified doctor virtually. This service doesn’t require a co-pay.


The expense of pregnancy is eligible for coverage as long as you are married and your pregnancy occurred during the marriage. The exception to this is rape but it would need to be supported by a police report to be eligible for coverage.

If your pregnancy falls within these guidelines Medi-Share will share up to $125,000 for that pregnancy.

Medi-Share Benefits

Medi-Share offers several benefits. Here are some benefits you will love.

  • Medi-Share is exempt from the Affordable Care Act. That means if you are a Medi-Share member, you are exempt from the federal tax penalties and insurance requirements. There is a tax form that you need to complete to get this exemption. As always, you should consult with your tax professional to confirm this.
  • Medi-Share offers Health Incentives. Medi-Share encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle and in return, they will reward you. You can save up to 20% a month if you qualify. You’ll need to fill out an online health form to see if you fall within the guidelines.
  • Discounts on Prescriptions. Medi-Share members get a prescription discount card. Take this card to one of the 60,000 pharmacies to save up to 85% on your prescription.
  • Medi-Share Supports Adoption. If your family decides to adopt a child, you can receive up to $4100 per adoption. Sharing is only available on two adoptions per family.
  • Medi-Share Shares in the Burden of Funerals. If a family member passes away, Medi-Share will share up to $5,000 of funeral expenses.
  • Discounts on Dental, Vision, Lasik, and Hearing. Discounts up to 60% off are available to Medi-Share members for these services.

Is Medi-Share a Good Solution for You?

Each person has to make this decision on their own. If you are a Christian and fall in line with the Medi-Share statement of faith, this should be an easy decision.

Medi-Share is intended for Christians and is a beautiful representation of supporting and loving one another. You will save money and be able to bless others at the same time.

There are a few things you should consider before making a decision. The saving money part can change if you have any of the following:

  1. You have preexisting conditions that require continual treatment. You will have to inquire with Medi-Share to see if those bills will be shared.
  2. If you have really expensive prescriptions. You may want to see if they are covered with your prescription discount card at a reasonable price.
  3. If you aren’t living a Biblical lifestyle. Many people call themselves Christians but they do not possess the fruit of Christianity in their lives. Make sure to review the required lifestyle before making this decision.

Medi-Share Reviews

As you can see Medi-Share is a great alternative to insurance for Christians. As I mentioned above, our family is currently covered through my husband’s insurance at work.

The reason I can write this article with confidence is because my mom is a Medi-Share member. She had a medical emergency and I fully handled her coverage for her during her accident.

She fell and broke her hip and needed emergency surgery. She got the care that she needed and we had no problem with Medi-Share covering her expenses. She was also very encouraged during her recovery because other members would send her cards and emails.

Knowing people are praying for you and sharing in your burden is a representation of God’s love for us. He loves us so much and works through other people to show us more of His love.

I also have a friend, Jenna, who has been with Medi-Share since 2015. You should check her blog over at Peaches and Prayer. She shares Christian crafts, DIY projects, and more! Here’s what she has to say about her Medi-Share membership.

Medishare Review Jenna

We have been with Medi-Share since 2015. My husband is self-employed so regular health insurance isn’t an affordable option for our family. Being with Medi-Share over the years, we have seen the company grow and cover more things for our family. If we have a concern or question, they are very kind and always pray over you before you hang up. We also receive email newsletters letting us know where our sharing portion went, meaning what medical ailment we helped another family cover with the monthly share amount we pay! Medi-Share has been the perfect fit for our family and being able to choose the plan we need for what our family can afford has been awesome.

How Do You Join Medi-Share?

If you have read through this article and feel that Medi-Share is a good fit for you, you should sign up. All you need to do is click here and enter your information.

Once you share and submit your basic information, you will be able to see which plan works best for you. You can use the price calculator and see the actual amounts you will be paying for your family.

If all looks good, continue the signing process and get started with your membership. It’s that simple.

Are You a Medi-Share Member?

This is an informative article to help others have a better understanding of Medi-Share. If you are a member, I would love to include your experience in this article.

Let me know in the comments below or contact me so I can add your review.

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