The Best DIY Gifts for Dad That Are Budget Friendly

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There is nothing better than making homemade gifts. My husband and I have received multiple DIY gifts from our kids and they each carry sentimental value.

I’m not saying that gifts they’ve purchased for us are meaningless. We just really love DIY gifts.

This article is dedicated specifically to homemade gifts for dads. I created a separate post for homemade gifts for mom if you want to check that out.

DIY Gifts for Dad

There are multiple occasions throughout the year when you can make DIY gifts for dad.

Whether you’re looking for DIY birthday gifts for dad, homemade Father’s Day gifts, or personalized gifts for dad, these homemade gifts for dad will make the day special.

Homemade Gifts for Dad

A homemade gift for dad is a gift that you make yourself.  It can be something that you color, paint, or even design yourself.

DIY gifts for dads are not only less expensive but they are usually more special because of the special time and personalization they require.

DIY Presents for Dad

Here are some of the best DIY gifts for dads that are budget-friendly. I rounded up these homemade gifts for dad from some great and talented bloggers.

These dad gifts are simple and easy for anyone to make. They are especially great gifts for the dad who has everything.

Gifts for Dad

1. All About my Daddy Interview from Where the Smiles Have Been

This is a unique gift for dad that is totally free to print. My kids made my husband something similar when they were younger and he loves looking back at it. It’s a great gift for dad that he’ll never forget.

She also has this printable available to use for grandpa in 8 different versions. I’m sure you know there are many different names people use for their grandpa.

Best Gifts for Dad

2. Hardware Gift Bow from Tikkido

Here’s another unique gift idea that is budget-friendly and easy to make. There’s only a handful of supplies you’ll need to complete this great DIY gift idea for dad.

She provides step-by-step instructions for putting this dad’s gift together. Just head to the hardware store and grab the required items to make this gift. You may even have what you need at home already.

Gift Ideas for Dad

3. DIY Hammer from The Flying Couponer

This gift idea for dad is super easy. My kids made my husband a BBQ spatula like this and it was a huge hit. To make the writing more permanent, you can use a wood burner.

Make sure to check out the tutorial on how to do that. There’s nothing better than giving dad a gift that he can use.  It’s a win-win.

Gifts for Dad

4. Tie Tack from a Screw from Cutesy Crafts

Does your hubby wear a tie to work? This gift for dad isn’t something you see very often. I’ve never thought about using a screw for a tie tack.

There is a step-by-step tutorial you can follow to make this DIY dad gift. You will need a few supplies but you may already have them at home. Make sure to check first.

Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything

5. Ultimate Pampering Kit from Whispered Inspirations

This homemade gift idea for dad can be customized however you want. The printable label is free and fits any gift theme. You can fill it with things that would be considered pampering in your personal situation.

The picture above has shaving supplies but you may want to fill it with candy or even gift cards. There are so many ideas. It can be themed or just some random things you want to throw in there.

Best Gifts for Dad

6. Super Hero Paper Plate Craft from ConservaMom

This paper plate is a great DIY gift idea for dad. It’s a cute way of showing dad that he is a superhero. You may need to supervise your child depending on their age.

There’s a step by step tutorial showing you how to make this homemade gift for dad.

Gift Ideas for Dad

7. Comic Book Frame from DIY Candy

Do you have comic books laying around? This unique gift for dad is easy and budget-friendly. Adding a picture of dad and the kids makes this so personal and sentimental.

Gifts with pictures are so sweet. Raising our kids happens really quickly so displaying a DIY gift for dad with pictures of the kids is a great gift idea.

What’s Your Favorite DIY Gift for Dad?

These are my favorite homemade gifts for dad. I’d love to hear what your favorites are.  Just click on the gift idea link you want to make above and it will take you directly to the instructions on how to make them.

I get frustrated when I find DIY gift ideas and there are no instructions on how to make them. I have carefully weeded through the gifts and found the Best DIY gifts for dad. These all have instructions and pictures and/or videos on how to make the homemade gift.

What kinds of gifts do you like to receive?

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