30+ Free and Cheap Date Ideas

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My husband and I just got back from a getaway where we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.

We spent a lot of time talking and we realized that we’d been really bad about getting away without the kids. Even with date nights!

We managed to get away this year for a couple of nights but that’s not always possible because it gets expensive.

Date Nights Are Important

It’s important to make it a priority to spend quality time with your significant other. Most of the time the only way that happens is on a date night.

Since taking a trip for multiple days can be expensive, I thought it would be a great time to share cheap and free date night ideas.

Date Nights On A Budget

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that we stick to a monthly budget and it’s very important for us to see where our money goes each month.

Since we talked about being more intentional with date nights, I felt like it was a good idea to add “date night” to our budget categories.

Sometimes we don’t have enough money in our budget for an expensive date night. Thankfully, we can still find things to do for date night that are fun and affordable.

Relationships are very important and require a lot of work to remain healthy. Spending quality time with your significant other should be a priority.

The key is to go on simple date nights so you don’t overspend. Then you don’t have to be held back because of money issues and you can go on date nights more often.

There are plenty of date night ideas that you can use to fill up your calendar. Don’t allow tiredness or money to get in your way.

It’s easy to schedule free or cheap dates ideas that are simple without making it a chore. You can even stay at home and have a date night. The most important way to accomplish this is by being intentional about it.

Date Night Ideas

Free and Cheap Date Night Ideas

There are lots of fun things to do for date night. We feel that these are some of the best date night ideas. I’m going to break down the date night activities as follows:

  • At-Home Date Ideas
  • Free Date Ideas
  • Cheap Date Ideas

At-Home Date Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas

1. Give Each Other Massages

This is a fun date night idea. Plan a night of giving each other massages. Use lotion or oil from home and just really enjoy each other’s company. Free date night ideas as some of the best date nights.

2. Play Video Games

One day my hubby and I played old video games from when we were kids. It was so fun and it ended up being a free date night. We already had the console and video games. It brought back some great memories!

3. Camp in Your Backyard

Camping in the backyard is really fun. Just pop a tent up in the backyard or lay directly under the starry sky for a fun romantic night.

4. Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles may seem boring but when you need time with your spouse, anything is fun. Just taking the time to talk and be alone helps so much!

5. Watch A Movie at Home

Watching a movie at home can cost a few dollars but it’s way cheaper than paying to go to a movie. You can rent a movie online and make some popcorn for a cheap date night at home.

6. Have a Romantic Dinner at Home

Make dinner at home for just the two of you. You can light candles and spend some time eating and catching up on things. It’s so nice to not have distractions. I love at-home date night ideas.

7. Play a Board Game

We have tons of games at our house that our kids like to play. One day I went to see what we had and there were a few games my husband and I ended up playing. We had a great time and we didn’t have to spend a dime! Don’t miss this what’s on your phone game and whos most likely to question for couples game.

8. Make a Bonfire in your Backyard

We have a little firepit in our backyard that we use for family nights and date nights. It’s so much fun roasting marshmallows and making smores.

9. Read a Book Together

My husband recently bought a book that we both want to read. Instead of reading it individually, we take turns reading it together.

10. Reminisce about Old Times

Looking back and old photos or videos at home is a fun date. They bring back memories that can light back up a spark.

11. Write a List of your Dreams Together

After being married for so many years, you tend to forget your dreams. Take some time to make a list of the things you want to do together.

12. Watch AFV on YouTube

I remember watching AFV (American’s Funniest Home Videos) from when I was a kid. Did you know that you can watch all the AFV videos for free on YouTube? It’s so much fun laughing together.

Free Date Ideas

Free Date Night Ideas

1. Go on A Hike

Going on a hike is a great free date night idea. Pack a picnic and find a pretty place to take a hike. You’ll also get some exercise at the same time.

2. Go Sledding

We live in a mountain community and we get snow every winter. Sledding a fun date night idea that is free.

3. Watch the Sunset

It’s so easy to forget about the beautiful things around us. The sun is one of those beautiful views.

4. Go on a Picnic

We have a park within walking distance that is pretty quiet. Having a picnic under the trees on a warm sunny day is so fun.

5. Go to a Farmers Market Together

If you like to shop around, you may enjoy going to a farmer’s market. You don’t have to buy anything. Sometimes it’s fun to just walk around and try samples.

6. Visit a Museum

There are a lot of museums that offer free entry. They usually designate one day a week or month for this. Make sure to check the museums in your area to see if they offer free entry.

7. Go on a Bike Ride

Riding a bike is so much fun. You can ride your bike to a park and have a picnic or just take a scenic bike ride to get some fresh air. It’s so fun to explore.

8. Take a Walk Together

We love taking walks together. It’s so nice when I have my husband all to myself. Taking a stroll around the neighborhood feels like a mini getaway.

9. Go to the Beach

The beach is about 2 hours away from us. Sometimes it’s worth it to take the drive and just enjoy the beauty of the beach.

10. Participate in Free Events in your Area

We live in a tourist town so there are lots of free events every weekend. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and see what free events they have. They usually make a great free date night.

Cheap Date Ideas

Free Date Ideas

1. Go on a Drive Together

This can be a cheap date night idea if you don’t go too far. Gas can get expensive. You can drive to a quiet nearby area and enjoy the scenery.

2. Hang Out at A Coffee Shop

We have some really cute coffee shops where we live. You can easily get two coffees for under $10 and maybe even a sweet treat. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house. This is a great cheap date idea!

3. Go Out and Eat Dessert

Dinner can get expensive at a restaurant but if you plan on going out to eat just dessert, you can keep it cheap. You can even share a dessert if your budget is a little tight.

4. Go Fishing

We love fishing. The only cost is usually a fishing license. We buy one every year since we have a lake nearby. You can fish off the shore and bring some snacks.

5. Rent a Kayak

Renting a kayak is fairly cheap. Groupon has a lot of great offers for renting kayaks. Make sure you get a two-seater so you can spend time close together.

6. Play Games at an Arcade

Arcades are still around and you can definitely make them a cheap date night. It’s fun to go back and act like a kid again.

7. Go Bowling

I remember bowling as a kid at least once a week. Bowling alleys have specials on weeknights so you should see when they offer cheap bowling and go on a date.

8. Go to an Aquarium

Sealife is fascinating. Going to an aquarium is a great date night idea. Most aquariums offer a local discount or a discount night during the week.

9. Play Miniature Golf

We have a little miniature golf place near our house that is really cheap. It’s not the greatest but it still works for a fun date night that is cheap.

10. Go to a Drive-In Movie

This isn’t available everywhere but if you have one nearby it would be a great date night. Our town hosts a drive-in movie a couple of times a year and it’s so fun.

What are your favorite date night ideas?

Let’s face it, you can really make anything a date night. It’s all about the way you prioritize that time. With 3 kids, my husband and I get very little time alone.

That means we both have to be intentional about spending time together. If your kids are too young to stay home alone, try to schedule a family member or friend to watch your kids.

When our kids were little, we would watch our friend’s kids while they went on a date, and then they would watch our kids when we went on a date. It worked perfectly and didn’t cost us a penny.

I’d love to hear about your fun date night ideas! Let me know what they are in the comments below.

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