The Best Budget Apps and They’re Free!

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Keeping track of your budget is essential for success. I’ve worked with printable budget worksheets but they are quickly becoming obsolete.

Budget apps are so convenient and are my preferred way to keep track of my budget.

What is the Best Budget App?

I’ve found that the best online budget tool is my budget app. The convenience of having my budget right in my hand has helped me keep better track of my budget.

It’s so easy to log each purchase when I’m on the go. I just pull my phone out of my pocket, log my expense and that’s it. Super simple!

What is the Best Budgeting Tool for Home Budgeting?

I’ve compiled a list of the best apps for home budgeting to help you with managing your finances.  You may also define these online budget tools as budgeting apps.

I like to think of them as tools because they help us to be successful in a particular area. You can call them “online budget tools” or “budget apps”, either way, they are intended to help you be successful with your budget.

What is the Best Free Budgeting Tool?

Listed below are the best budgeting tools. You can successfully use them without paying a dime. My favorite is the Every Dollar app. I’ve been using the free version for the past few years with no issues.

If you haven’t created a budget yet make sure you read How to Create a Budget.┬áIf you like to have your budget on paper, you can download my free monthly budget template.

Best Free Budget Apps

1. Free Online Budget App from MintMint

Best Online Budget Tool

Mint is an online budget tool that allows you to use graphs to get a picture of your finances and see how you can improve them. You can create your budget and keep track of how much you’ve spent and how much you have left.

It only takes a few seconds to set up your free Mint account.  They also have great support that is available whenever you need it.

2. Best Budget App from Every Dollar

Best Online Budget Tool

Every Dollar is my favorite online budget tool. I use it personally and it has been helping me stay on track with my budget.

It’s super simple to use. Just set up your budget categories, add in your expenses (as you spend money), and deduct the amount of the purchase from your specified category so you can keep track of exactly how much you spend in each category.

This budgeting app can be used online and on mobile so you can sync it. Sign up for a free Every Dollar account.

3. Free Budgeting Tool from Personal Capital

Best Online Budget Tool

Personal Capital is an online budget tool that allows you to see everything in your financial plan. It shows you the big picture which allows you to keep track of your progress and reach your goals.

There are add-ons available but the free option is great by itself. You can always upgrade if you feel like you want to access more features.

Sign up for a free Personal Capital account.

4.  Free Budget App from Buxfer

Best Online Budget Tool

Buxfer is an online budget tool that helps you reduce unwanted spending. You can keep a close eye on your everyday spending and even set alerts for your budget.

They offer helpful tools that help you see spending trends in your budget. You can even take it a step further (paid account) and track your investments and performance in real time. There are many great features that come with a free account.

Sign up for a free Buxfer account.

5. Best Online Budgeting Tool from PocketGuard

Best Online Budget Tool

PocketGuard is an online budget app that lets you know how much you have to spend. It gives you the numbers available after you’ve set your bill amounts, spending goals, and saving goals.

You can easily view the amount of money left at any time. I like to break my spending down into budget categories like groceries, gas, etc. This budgeting app lets you do just that.

Sign up for a free PocketGuard account.

Do you use a Free Budget App?

These are the best online budgeting tools that are reputable. They have been very helpful in keeping me on track with my budget. I don’t use the cash envelope system with my finances. I find that I have a harder time staying on my budget with cash.

The nice thing about these budget apps is that you can see everything in one place. I don’t connect my accounts because things like that make me nervous but I do set up my monthly spending limits so I stay can stay on track every month.

What is your favorite online budget tool? If you know of any more good ones, I’d love to add them to this list.

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