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My Body Ecology Diet Review

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I became really serious about my health when I turned 30 years old (now I’m 38). It was time to start taking better care of myself. I had three little ones and a husband that needed me to be a healthy mama and wife. So today, I want to share my Body Ecology Diet review. It was life-changing for me and maybe it can be for you too.

My Body Ecology Diet Review

I basically ate whatever I wanted my entire life. I had no concerns about my health. From the outside, I looked okay but on the inside I needed help.

The main purpose of me starting the Body Ecology Diet was to decrease my anxiety level. I’ve suffered from anxiety issues since I was 18 yrs old and it was really creating an obstacle in my life.

As a wife and a mother of three, I really needed to find a solution to my anxiety. I didn’t have time to feel that way and I never wanted my kids to see me that way. I was determined to make a lifestyle change to fix it.

I searched online and found a Body Ecology Diet review and it got me motivated. I wanted to start right away. The first thing I did was get the Body Ecology Diet book. I needed to have a good understanding of what this diet was all about. I recommend that you read the entire book before you get started. There is a lot of information and it’s actually quite fascinating how our bodies work.

I learned that the Body Ecology Diet can help many different issues. Not only can it help with anxiety, but it can help with digestive issues, depression, diabetes, and more! The Body Ecology Diet is very simple once you understand it. It’s basically no sugar, no GMO’s, and proper food combining.

I’ve always known sugar was bad for me but I had no idea about proper food combining. I realized that I had been eating the wrong food combinations my entire life. This was one of the reasons I was tired and anxious. The way I was eating was really hard on my digestive system.  I was treating my body poorly and in return, it wasn’t responding properly.

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My Body Ecology Diet Review

How do you Food Combine?

In order to properly food combine, you need to eat an  80/20 portion. The 20% is proteins or grains and the 80% should be from vegetables. You should only eat until you’re 80% full to aid in digestion. A good rule of thumb is to stop eating when you’re satisfied. You shouldn’t eat until you’re full (my weakness).

What Happens if you don’t Properly Food Combine?

If you don’t properly food combine, your food will sit in your stomach too long and begins to putrefy. This promotes the production of alcohol and sugars.

The yeast in your inner ecosystem feeds off the sugars and multiplies. It moves out the beneficial microflora in your gut. Proper food combining will give your digestive system a chance to heal and allow it to function properly.

Once you’re properly food combining, you won’t have to worry about gas and bloating after you eat.  Your weight will most likely drop because you won’t be overworking your system.  Your body will produce more daily energy.

It’s amazing to think of how much energy your body uses just to digest what you put in it. If you put the proper food combination in your body, your body has time to work on other areas of your body that need fixing. Here’s a little food combining chart to give you a better idea.

Basic Rules for Proper Food Combining

  • Always eat fruit on an empty stomach.  You should always wait 4 hours after you eat to have fruit.
  • Eat protein or grains with non-starchy vegetables. Don’t eat protein and grains together.
  • Starchy vegetables and grains should only be eaten with non-starchy vegetables.

Once I got a good understanding of how to properly food combine, I put it into action. I followed the Body Ecology Diet and lost 25 lbs. I wasn’t intending to lose that much weight but my body had a lot of cleaning to do.

Body Ecology Before and After

Check out my before and after picture above. I’m wearing the exact same thing in each photo. I went from a size 10 jeans to a size 6 jeans. It was a great achievement. I feel better than I ever have.

I added raw multivitamins, a spirulina supplement, and flaxseed to my daily routine.  I don’t have any source of Omegas in my diet because I don’t eat any type of seafood. That’s where the spirulina and flaxseed come in.

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I make my own kefir weekly and use it to make a fruit smoothie in the mornings. It’s really easy to make, I use the Body Ecology Kefir starter.  You can actually save money by making your own kefir. You’ll pay half the price compared to store brands.

Even better, you know it’s fresh when you make it yourself. Check out my how to make kefir milk post for detailed instructions on making kefir.

That’s my Body Ecology Diet review. I’m still following the principles of the Body Ecology Diet. Once you achieve your initial goal, you can go into maintenance mode. I’m in maintenance mode right now. When I cheat, I can definitely feel the difference in my body.

Proper food combining is my favorite part of Body Ecology. It makes such a huge difference in my digestion. I love that I no longer have a bloated stomach.

What are you doing to stay healthy?

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  1. Wow- this was really informational and congratulations on your success! I have heard sugar is so bad for so many conditions.

  2. Ivette Muller says:

    This is very interesting. I have never heard of the Body Ecology diet. Was good to learn that I should wait 4 hours after a meal go have fruit. I usually eat it within 1 or 2 hours as a snack.

    1. It makes sense once you learn how your body functions. Fruit digests really quick so you want to be sure your other food is well into digestion.

  3. I love this. I too chose to start making changes at 30, and it’s been a battle to find what works best. I love how simple this is. Definitely looking into it for more.