Christian Audio Book Free Download “Reading the Bible Supernaturally” by John Piper

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Get your copy of this month’s Christian Audio Book Free Download, “Reading the Bible Supernaturally” by John Piper. This audiobook book normally costs $16.98.

Christian Audio offers a free download every month and they always have great topics. Click this Christian Audio Book Free Download link to download your free copy. This offer is only available until 7/31/18.

More about this book:

The Bible reveals glorious things. And yet we often miss its power because we read it the same way we read any other book. In Reading the Bible Supernaturally, best-selling author John Piper teaches us how to read the Bible in light of its divine author. In doing so, he highlights the Bible’s unique ability to reveal God to humanity in a way that informs our minds, transforms our hearts, and ignites our love. Ultimately, Piper shows us that in the seemingly ordinary act of reading the Bible, something supernatural happens: we encounter the living God.

Reading the Bible Supernaturally

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