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Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to Make Extra Money

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It’s time to share another way to earn extra money with you. This is part of a series I started called “Real Ways to Earn Extra Money“.

Today, I want to share how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to earn extra money.

My goal in this series is to share the real experience of people that are earning extra money.

The internet is full of different ways to earn extra money but how do we know if they are real?

Hopefully, this series can give you a realistic view of ways to earn extra money.

Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows you to collect images and save them. It’s a place where people can organize things they find online.

It’s also a place where people can find new ideas and inspiration for doing the things they love.

Pinterest has become a huge platform for many businesses. It gives businesses more exposure on the internet, which results in more traffic to their website.

This is where a Pinterest Virtual Assistant comes in. It can be time-consuming to keep up with Pinterest so businesses choose to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Meet Rachel. She is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. She has her own business helping people with their businesses on Pinterest. She was kind enough to answer questions about what she does. Let’s see what she has to say about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who does marketing for businesses on Pinterest. This includes scheduling Pins, creating Pins, and Search Engine Optimization for the company’s profile.

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What interested you in becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Originally, I just wanted to be a Virtual Assistant, but I also work a full-time job and didn’t want to promise that I could do a lot when I would be so busy already.

Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant meant that I got to use a marketing tool that I enjoy while making a reasonable amount of money.

What is the process to get started as a Pinterest Assistant?

There are courses you can take, but they were too expensive for me. Instead, I learned everything I could about Pinterest and Virtual Assistance through free courses.

Then I just applied them together. I didn’t want to put off making money until I could afford a course.

I still hope to take the Pinterest Virtual Assistant course in case there is something I could learn in the future, but for now, I’ll start my business with what I know.

How much can you make as a Virtual Assistant on Pinterest?

It really depends on the amount of experience and the services they offer. They can start charging at least $15 per hour and can easily earn $30 to $50 per hour or more over time.

I’ve seen people who have their prices set pretty high, around $500 for the expert package. Personally, if I can’t afford my own services, I’m not going to ask someone else too. Especially when I don’t have a ton of experience to go by.

Can you describe what you do as a Virtual Assistant?

My most popular package is an SEO evaluation of your profile. In this, I enter keywords and descriptions into 25 boards, 50 pins, and their profile. I also set up Tailwind accounts, Pinterest Business accounts, and manually pin for business.

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What costs are involved to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

There are always costs for courses if you choose to take them. The most popular course about becoming a Pinterest VA is around $400.

There are also costs for accounting software (I use Quickbooks) and eventually you should register the business so if something legal happens, you’re covered in that aspect.

What are the positives of being a Pinterest Assistant?

I love that I get to work at home and spend time with my child. I also love Pinterest so getting money to play around with Pinterest is kind of awesome.

Anything else you want to share about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Yes, I have a few suggestions. You should have your services and prices pre-planned out with a contract. I use HelloSign to get my clients to sign a contract stating how much I charge, that way no one can get mad when the invoice is sent out.

You also really need to know what the goals of your client are. I’ve had clients who are a lot different than me when it comes to niches in the blog world.

I really had to understand what their views and tribe were before picking keywords or making choices with their blog.

More about Rachel: Rachel is a mother of a one-year-old. She hates her accounting desk job. She’s tried finding many different ways to work-from-home to spend time with her daughter. Being a Pinterest VA will eventually give her the freedom to do what she loves. She also has a blog all about her crazy ideas of starting a blog, writing an E-book, and becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. You can visit her at Trying Not to Go Crazy.

There are a few good courses I recommend if you are looking to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or build your own business. I believe that everyone has the ability to start their own business with their own unique talent.

Sometimes we just need encouragement from others that have done it. Here are a few courses I recommend for you to get started.

If you want to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, there are lots of resources available to help you get started. Check out this Pinterest VA shop. They have several different products available to help you get started.

If you love to write. Check out this freelance writer course. You can become a freelance writer in 30 days or less.

If you want to be a virtual assistant. Check out this virtual assistant course. You can become a virtual assistant in 30 days or less.

If you want to sell on Amazon. Check out this how to sell on Amazon course. It’s a great course to help you completely understand how to sell on Amazon.

If you haven’t narrowed down what you’d like to do, you can take an online course and explore different areas of expertise. You can also check out different ways to market your business.

I’ve seen many success stories in all of these areas. It comes down to making a decision to get started and sticking to it. Check out 20+ ways to earn extra money.

Are you interested in becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

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  1. As an avid pinner, I found this interview with Rachel really interesting! Finding a good work from home job isn’t easy and it looks like she found a good fit!

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  4. This is something that has become very popular for bloggers. We are always busy doing other things for our blog, so hiring a VA helps out a lot.

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