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Amazon has squishies! This is a 30 pack of assorted squishies. These slow rising squishies are made of elastic environmentally PU foam quantity. They are medium-size (4cm-8cm) and have a thickness of 4cm.

There is an assortment of squishes which include animals, fruit, bread, toys, cups, food, ice cream, cute & soft charms for cellphones, bags, keys, gifts, collecting, and more! They are cream scented. They are delivered from the USA.

My kids love these squishies! They have a pretty big collection of them (I’m guessing 50 or so). They smell good and are really fun to squeeze. Each squishy is unique in its own way.

This seller also sells individual squishies so make sure and check out all the items they have to offer.

BUDI [Upgraded] Coluans 30 Pcs Kawaii Squishies Super Slow Rising Jumbo/Medium/Mini Random Cake Bread Panda Bun with Phone Straps Kids Pretend Play Squishies Charms
  • 【Various Types】Coluans 30 Pack of soft squishy animal friends Toys. Different color and shapes of cute squisheis include panda, cake, donut, desserts and so on.
  • 【Soft and Slow Rising】 Coluans squishies pack are made of soft and rebound-back materials. When you squeez and loosen them, they would be back to the shapes they were in a slow speed.
  • 【Great for Stress Relief】Perfect stress release toys for both adults and kids. Ideal toys for kids to improve their hand eye coordination, develop observing ability, cognitive ability and color and shape recognition abilities.
  • 【Great Gift Idea】 Coluans slow rising squeeze toys are great gift ideas for your lovely kids like Halloween gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine Gifts, Easter Gifts, New Year's gifts, etc. It's also perfect for collection, decoration, and teaching aid toys.
  • 【Super Value Pack】 There are jumbo, medium and minni size in a pack randomly (at least one Jumbo). They are cute and adorable, attractive for kids to play. Please note they are NOT edible.

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Looking for more Squishies?

Check out our top picks below:

PP OPOUNT 6 Pieces Slow Rising Toys Stress Relief Toys for Adults and Children
  • Quantity: 1pcs lemon, 1pcs pineapple, 1pcs peach, 1pcs strawberry, 1pcs banana, 1pcs watermelon
  • Material: Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam), slow rising
  • Colors: Yellow lemon, yellow pineapple, pink peach, red strawberry, yellow banana, red watermelon
  • It is huge. It is as big as adult hand
  • It is slow rising and smells like a sweet creamy taste. Children like to squeeze it very much

Squishies Info

What are Squishies? 

Squishies are made of soft foam and are designed to be held and squeezed. They were originally used to relieve stress and anxiety but they have become popular for use as a toy or decoration. The newest designs are characters, foods, and animals. They often have a nice scent to them.

When were Squishies first Invented?

Squishies were first invented in Japan. They came up with the name squishies because they were squishy. The majority of squishes are made out of Polyurethane (we call it foam) which was invented by a Germany 1937.

Are Squishies Safe?

We don’t know how safe anything really is these days. If you’re wondering if the product is harmful, I recommend that you look up the material they are made of. I do recommend that squishes never be put in the mouth or ingested.

They also should never be heated or slept with. Squishies should be aired out for a while since they may have chemicals in them. They should be used in a well-ventilated area.

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